Doodgewoon (Music Video)


Music Video
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Music video for Dutch artist SPOKEDIER's single "Doodgewoon".

Depression. Abuse. Suicide. Themes that artist SPOKEDIER gives words to in his new song 'Doodgewoon'. SPOKEDIER, commonly known as Jacob Noordergraaf, writes about how depression and suicidal thoughts have become commonplace among many young people today. With this song, SPOKEDIER aims to convey the message that you are never alone in this.

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Zij wist niet beter dan dit denkpatroon, ik wil dood gewoon, dat was doodgewoon.
  • Directed, produced, and edited by Denzel Balois & Jochem van Velzen
  • P.A.: Jochen de Blaere, Jadon Balois
  • Talents: Charlotte Coebergh, Jochen de Blaere, Jadon Balois

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