Dromen (Music Video)


Music Video
Just for fun

Springstof is an upcoming Dutch music duo. Upon hearing their single called Dromen (English: Dreams), we immediately got in contact to produce a music video for them.

The story follows two friends in their twenties living their best lives just like in the movies. They get confronted with the fact that this is all a dream. The party was in reality quite different.

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This project was self-initiated and primarily just for fun. No one was paid and necessary costs were fully funded by Springstof themselves.

  • Creative Director: Denzel Balois
  • Creative Producer: Jochem van Velzen
  • Director of Photography: Roan de Graaf
  • Lighting: Vincent le Grand
  • Edit: Denzel Balois and Jochem van Velzen

Production by BLINDS (Previously 10PM)